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The advantage and disadvantage of cast iron

 The advantage and disadvantage of cast iron:

The grey cast iron has good casting properties, good vibration damping, good wear resistance, good machinability and low notch sensitivity. However, its tensile strength and elongation are very low, so grey cast iron is suitable for producing some metal parts with low mechanical requirements, such as protective cover, cover, oil pan, hand wheels, frame, floor, hammer, small handle, base, frame, box, knife, bed, bearing seat, table, wheels, cover, pump, valve, pipe, flywheel, motor blocks etc.

Grey cast iron also has some high grades, so the grey iron castings with high grades can withstand greater load, and a certain degree of tightness and corrosion resistance. Such as cylinder, gear, base, flywheels, bed, cylinder block, cylinder liner, piston, gear box, brake wheel, coupling Plate, medium pressure valve, etc. More refer to

The ductile iron and malleable iron have higher strength, better ductility, heat-resistance and toughness than grey iron, so it has a wider application, in some cases, ductile iron can replace carbon steel.

However, its production technology is high, the production process is more complex, so ductile iron castings have more casting defects, and its production cost is higher than grey cast iron. Considering its advantagous, there are many fields that ductile iron are using for, such as Pressure pipes and fittings, Automotive applications, Agriculture, road and construction applications, General engineering applications.