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Advantages of metal casting parts

Advantages of metal casting parts

  • advantages casting processCasting process enjoys certain advantages to other shaping processes such as forging, welding, stamping, rolling, extruding, etc. The reasons for the success of the casting process are: 

  • Owing to physical properties, some metals can only be cast since they cannot be re-modelled into bars, rods, plates or other shapes.

  • It's a process highly adaptable to the requirements of mass production. Large numbers of a given casting can be produced quickly. For example; in the automotive industry there is massive production of cast engine blocks and transmission cases.

  • Certain light metal alloys because of their respective strength and weakness, can be produced only as castings.

  • Shows excellent stable qualities.

  • Casting Vs Other processesIt is fact that in some cases, the casting process must give way to other methods of manufacture, where they may be more efficient. For example, forging helps developing fiber strength and toughness in steel, machining produces smooth surfaces and dimensional accuracy not obtainable otherwise, welding provides a easy way of fabricating wrought or cast products into complex structures while stamping produce lightweight sheet metal parts.

  • Casting vs Forging:It should be recognized that castings and forgings start from very similar beginnings and castings can have some very distinct advantages over other product forms, including forgings.

  • Design flexibility

  • High production rate

  • Large and complex parts

  • Advantages of metal casting:

  • 1. Wide suitability 

  • 2. Wide available materials

  • 3. Metal castings have a certain accuracy of size

  • 4. Low cost

  • The reasons for its low cost are as follows:

  • a. The production methods are flexible, the mass production can be organized as mechanized production.

  • b. The waste and old metal materials and renewable resources cab be used.

  • c. Compared with the forging, the metal casting has less power consumption.

  • d. Casting has certain dimensional accuracy, the allowance is small, and it saves processing time and metal materials.

  • Weakness of Casting

  • Requires close process control and monitoring

  • Shrinkage porosity may occur

  • Metallic projections

  • Cracks, hot tearing, coldshuts

  • Laps, oxides

  • Misruns, insufficient volume

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